As of 28th February 2020, Tayport Group Ltd., purchased the previously empty building at 280 High Street, Arbroath, DD11 1JF. The property is being renamed: Abbey Studios Business Centre and managed by our www.scotslion.co.uk business mentors + job creation team (click here). The aim is to house three of our own long-established companies and also to supply office accommodation for several newstart businesses, all within this large office block. 

Tel/Text: 0757 2768 795.

Perhaps your business is ready to move from the spare bedroom or garage to a higher profile, professional High Street location?

Also available are more affordable offices with parking available at the adjacent streets.

The James Street Elevation Has Eight Large Ground Floor Display Windows
Incorporating 7 Ground Floor Offices
The Second Floor Has 7 Further Offices
The Third Floor Is Reserved For Two Storage Rooms & CCTV Security Office and A Hepa Filtration Plant Room.

The building at 280 High Street and long set of offices and shop windows stretching into the distance along James Street have been empty for three years since Swinton Insurance closed. The property required some remedial works to repair: overhaul of the roof; the interior; electrical rewiring; a new fire safety system; plumbing systems and general refurbishment.

Plus we have a group of Dragons’ Den style of business mentors with the skillset that has helped many new and recently established businesses grow and reach their full potential.

Tel/Text: 0757 2768 795.

With the smaller offices guided at £28 per week rental, the medium size to larger offices will be available in this substantial building ranging from £33 to £48 per week. Our aim, indeed our experience is that a demand exists for more economically priced smaller offices to bridge the gap between newstart businesses moving out of the spare bedroom at your home-office and into a fully-fledged shop or stand-alone offices in the High Street with £800 to £1,000 cost in rent and overheads. Usually these moves to more professional settings carry very substantial risk to viability of your business. A financial and business shock to many. Often such extra red-tape costs are fatal to embryonic businesses. But major employers such as Amazon and Apple started out life this way.

They and other successful companies always kept a firm eye on the costs and overheads. Hence the provision of modest sized, professional offices at very affordable prices: £28 per week. This helps embryonic young businesses gain confidence and build up their financial reserves as a first step rather than take on high levels of cost from the get-go.

Whether you are an accountant, estate agent, electrician, plumber or book-keeper; even an Ebay business person that has outgrown your home garage and your spouse is getting grumpy because your success is taking over the house, we should be able to help you.

First, with a cost-effective office/retail unit with 280 High Street/James Street. Then when you are ready, we are happy to consider buying a shop for you to rent and assist you in your journey of growth.

In due course, we generally help nurture newstart plus growing businesses evolve from the back bedroom or garage of the entrepreneur’s home to a fully fledged shop or light industrial unit/factory setting.

We even buy shops for our tenants when they need larger premises to rent and cannot afford the full capital outlay themselves. Particularly if it helps regenerate a tired looking High Street.

Indeed keeping High Street shops alive will become particularly difficult with the advent of Covid-19. In fact, with 2,500,000 folk looking at the stark option of unemployment once the Furlough money runs out and ruthless Willie Walsh types at British Airways fire tens of thousands of people, the least the rest of us can do is work together to create new jobs.

The James Street Elevation Has 8 Large Display Windows
Ideal For Advertising Your Business

Tel/Text: 0757 2768 795.

Over the past 22 years our group of Real Dragons’ Den directors and subscribers have renovated 52 buildings and created 131 new jobs.

Each business is a stand-alone entity as the shareholders tend to differ from project to project. Some of our Real Dragons’ Den mentors prefer investing in hotel renovations and catering jobs, others prefer factories and the provision of industrial jobs. Others from our main group have expertise in town centre regeneration and enjoy getting empty, disused shops re-opened with retail staff employed in new jobs.

This specific premises and project at 280 High Street, Arbroath is owned by venture capital/job creators that prefer office premises. Though because Tayport Group Ltd and Scotslion Ltd., shall be utilising a couple of the 14 offices for their own HQ purposes, we are delighted to advise new tenants that if they desire, there is skillset at hand which can be deployed to help you overcome many hurdles and help make your own chosen venture a success. This is entirely optional. Many folk just seek a High Street presence and can run their business as they have created it and know it best. But there is a comfort that you have people onsite that can lend a hand if needed. Entirely at your option.

If you would like to enquire about renting one of these offices at 280 High Street and/or 1 James Street, Arbroath, Angus, DD11 1JF.

Please feel free to get in touch…

Tel/Text: 0757 2768 795.

The Silvery River Tay: Tayport Group Ltd., & Ethical Investment

Since the Covid-19 lockdown, we are making plans to over-engineer the safety protocols and make these premises especially suitable for safe operation during the pandemic. Once the vaccine/cure has been located to protect against Coronavirus, a new HEPA standard air filtration and various safety systems will illustrate best practice for when the next pandemic emerges. For example we are future proofing against the risk of random Covid-26 and Covid-32. Given the world has already SIX outbreaks in the past 20 years such as SARS (2002) + Bird Flu H5N1 (2003) + Swine Flu H1N1 (2009) + MERS Covid (2012) + Avian Flu H7N9 (2013) + Coronavirus Covid19 (2019), it makes sense to future-proof our buildings so they are practical and work well, during and then outwith these times of pandemic. Full list: Click here.

In a strange way, things are likely to come right in the end. Because as the prices of buying shop premises comes down down to much more affordable levels, so too does the rent. This hands businesses a decent chance of viability and success. In these circumstances, we all win.

Tel/Text: 0757 2768 795.