As of 28th February 2020, Tayport Group Ltd., purchased this building at 280 High Street, Arbroath, DD11 1JF. The property is being renamed: Abbey Studios Business Centre. The aim is to house three of our companies and crucially to supply “serviced office” accommodation for several newstart businesses that we support. Over the past 22 years our group of subscribers have renovated 52 buildings and created 128 new jobs. Perhaps your business is ready to move from the spare bedroom to a higher profile location?

The building has been empty for three years and requires some remedial works to repair and overhaul the roof; the interior; electrical rewiring; plumbing systems and general refurbishment. We anticipate this being completed through Springtime and the premises open for business in the Summer of 2020.

We are also looking at the possibility of having a hot-desk area at very competitive prices. Larger offices will be available at £50 per week, but from experience, we know there is a demand for more economically priced smaller offices to bridge the gap between newstart businesses moving out of the spare bedroom and into a fully-fledged shop or stand-alone office with the very substantial overheads that such a move requires. Often fatal to embryonic businesses. Major employers such as Amazon and Apple started out life this way. They and other successful companies always kept a firm eye on the costs and overheads. Hence the provision of hot-desking and small offices at very affordable prices: £28 per week.

Please note, this is a new website for the current Tayport Group property at 280 High Street Arbroath. We shall be establishing a bespoke website for the Abbey Studios Business Centre in the coming weeks and months following the purchase of the building last week.